Open a company in Netherlands

20 februari 2018

Posted in Bedrijven en Bedrijfsleven

If you are not familiar with the Netherlands or its language, it can be difficult to open a company in Netherlands. However, it is a very popular and attractive country to start a business. For entrepreneurs and investors the Netherlands is often one of the places they want to start and establishment. One of the reasons is that many Dutch people are familiar with the English language. This takes away one difficulty of starting a business in another country. The language barrier is smaller. Not only because of the language skills of the Dutch, but also because of the many expats living in the Netherlands. Open a company in Netherlands and the foreigners will find their way to your business. There are many reasons for their stay in the Netherlands. Some stayed after their study, or they have met a partner living in the Netherlands. With other words, you can find skilled employees in the Netherlands. First of all, you should open a company in Netherlands according to regulations and procedures in this country. This is where you can contact Intercompany Solutions. They can take care of all processes for you when you start a company in Holland.

How to open a company in Netherlands

If you are a entrepreneur, open a company in Netherlands starts with an idea. Luckily the Netherlands is very open for new businesses, but you need to follow the right procedures to do this thoroughly. With the help of Intercompany Solutions you can be sure nothing will be missed. If necessary they can arrange a residence for the people involved when you open a company in Netherlands. This is just one of the arrangements they can help you with. Of course they are also familiar with all legal regulations necessary to open a company in Netherlands. You can ask them for the following services:

  • Opening a bank account, this can be done remotely.
  • Obtaining a value-added tax number
  • Secretarial services
  • Registered address
  • Accounting services
  • Taxation services

For a foreign person it can be very difficult to find out all information about the above. If you are used to do everything on your own, asking the services of Intercompany Solutions can be difficult. However, they work very trustworthy and professional. They have very much knowledge about business formation in the Netherlands. You can be sure that you open a company in Netherlands according all existing legislations.

Be part of a great economy

The Netherlands has one of the most successful economies of the EU. They are very essential to Europe and have a good and stable reputation. When you are settled in the Netherlands you are part of an economy, which is very much appreciated around the world. It opens a lot of opportunities for you business, perhaps to expand to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world as well. If preferred they can continue their services for you after all procedures are finalized. Legislations, rules and jurisdictions can change often. Contact Intercompany Solutions through their website They offer services including a 24-hour response time, and business law experts. You receive complete incorporated packages without hidden costs. Their services are transparent and affordable. Even of you are not able to come to the Netherlands to open a company in Netherlands, all procedures can be performed remotely. Within a week you can have your business in the Netherlands. So don’t only think about starting a business in this country, make it happen right now. With Intercompany Solutions you have the best expert to open a company in Netherlands.

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